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Tuesday, May 6th 2008

9:13 AM

Launch day is here!

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BBS Global Founding Members,

Launch day is here!

We have officially completed our "Founding Members" pre-build phase and are now LIVE with the company's public pre-launch phase!

The company software and technologies supporting the matrix are fully functional and signup links are live! Payment systems are complete and all payouts are now operating on a daily schedule! Now is the time to get a jump start building your new BBS Global Diamond Elite Business.

Company "products" will be coming online over the next 30 days as we approach official "Grand Opening Date".

On June 1st, we expect to have 100% of our product line fully developed and available to all members! June 1st will mark the official "Grand Opening" of BBS Global Diamond Elite.

This next month is a special time for all of our "Founding Members".

This is the one time you will have to take advantage of the tremendous momentum the company and our founding team leaders have generated to build your matrix and get a jump start on the boom that is sure to impress as BBS Global Diamond Elite hits the streets globally!

Training sessions will be posted in the next 24-48 hours and will consist of back office navigation, account access and other basic system usage for the entire month.

Conference rooms are available to all founding members per request and can be scheduled through the support center ticket system as needed until the scheduling center is brought online in the next 2 weeks.

The BBS Global Support Team is standing by and ready to assist in any and all sales efforts for your pre-launch build this coming month!

A very special THANK YOU for all of your patience to this point! Stay tuned for frequent news concerning new product availability and sales assistance tools!

Mike Dutton, CEO
BBS Global Diamond Elite

The New banner for Diamond Elite

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Sunday, April 8th 2007

2:30 AM

Web Conference Room Leader Is Vereconference

I wanted to share this press release with you, it talks of the new VOIP WEB CONFERENCING SYSTEM  by Vereconference and I feel that it will give a far better picture than I ever could.
get yours today

Web Conference Room Leader Is Vereconference

By far, the best web conference room system available today on Google is Vereconference.

Source: Butch Hamilton-Veretekk Trainer-Master Distributor
Apr 07, 2007 15:42:35


(PRLog.Org) – As the appeal of web conference rooms grows steadily day by day, there is one leader in this industry that all others are trying to copy. The Vereconference room web conferencing system is making its digital voice be known by providing the best voip system, the best pricing structure, the best training on how to utilize every feature and is definitely contained within the best and most powerful internet marketing training system known as Veretekk. As anyone who has been in the internet marketing industry for very long, the term Veretekk leads people to stand at attention at the seamless operation and gives people the awesome internet marketing power on Google that is second to none.

Tom Prendergast and Mike Darling are the owners of the massive system. Their prominence online is legendary. They both go above and beyond in time and effort to produce such systems that empower average people to become internet marketing warriors. In the words of Tom, "we come here to empower the little guy. We always vow to under charge and over deliver for our services. I think this is the reason for the appeal to join the system." Obviously this is not a get rich quick, but rather a get rich slow type of marketing system. With over 100 certified and highly qualified online trainers, the system of Veretekk has become legendary in the way that it teaches lead production, search engine optimization, writing html code, website design and construction, placing sound files and live streaming audio into websites and much more.

To be a part of Veretekk, one must be willing to attend the live training sessions. Everything in Veretekk revolves around the 24/7 training sessions. The success of the program is due to the use of the web conference room system called Vereconference. Tom knows this system inside and out and realizes the potential that web conference room systems can have for anyone willing to catch hold of the vision of the actual "down in the trenches of the internet work" that is done daily by the members of this organization. The power of having a web conference room system is evident by talking with people like Butch Hamilton, advanced SEO trainer and Master Distributor for the Vereconference system.

Says Mr. Hamilton about the web conference room system, "I have been holding the search engine optimization training sessions for a long while. I have seen total newbies to the concepts that I teach come in an have great success with their online businesses. For example, I use my web conference room daily in the operation of my highly lucrative search engine optimization business. I use the web conference room to invite potential seo clients into the room and then give them business presentations, results, systems and strategies that I use to obtain top positions on the massive search engine of Google. My entire business depends on this system. Its so much more effective than using the phone, I cannot believe that everyone trying to market goods and services online is not using the web conference room from Vereconference in their business."

This testimonial is just one among thousands that Tom receives. People from all around the globe are using the web conference room to explode their businesses. The cost effectiveness of the web conference rooms system is absolutely nothing compared to the income potential it offers. For only the price of a cup of coffee per day, one can possess their own web conferencing room system.

For more information on obtaining a web conference room system, simply click on this link: http://vereconference.com To see the actual web conference room from Vereconference in action, one may visit this link: http://butchhamiltons-vereconference-room.com (use guest for the password) to view all the features of this highly sophisticated online voip system.
Categories : Business, Internet, Technology
Tags : web conference room, web conferencing room, web conference room system, vereconference
Email : vereconference@butchhamilton.com
Website : http://vereconference.com
Phone : 806-874-3314
Fax : 806-874-3314
Address : 502 E 4th
: PO Box 27
City/Town : Clarendon
State/Province : Texas
Zip : 79226
Country : United States
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Sunday, March 18th 2007

11:02 AM

BBS GLOBAL Profit Sharing Online Shopping

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BBS GLOBAL Profit Sharing Online Shopping

Its New its fun and its exploding BBS GLOBAL, Profit Sharing, Online Shopping, Look out E-bay Here we come. BBS GLOBAL is climbing fast in the rankings of the search engines at Google. I have been very impressed with the new company and expect great things to come.

These are Just some of the benefits of the company.....

FREE! - No joining fee.
Cash Rewards and Discounts – not just points or prizes.
Rewards when achieved Can’t Be Lost.
Discount before they are released to the public.
Receive rewards On Line as well as Local Merchants.
Your own online Members Centre.
Rewards for introducing New Members.

When you Join, as a   WELCOME GIFT  we will reward you with,
$25 of GLOBAL MONEY      
Note: only One Welcome Gift per Member       


Key words ;
BBS GLOBAL, Profit Sharing, Online Shopping, Google, Dee Hudson
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Sunday, March 11th 2007

4:35 PM

Web Conference Room Update "Vereconference"

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Have you heard the news?

Vereconference (part of the veretek Group of portals) is topping the search engines at Google....

The team of master distribtors are setting the passe for others to follow, There is no stopping them .... their stratigies are getting other top Voip companies worried. The key word is WEB CONFERENCE ROOM. You will see these special words all over the net.

The Vereconference rooms are the best thing to come to us in a long tim, they have recently had a face lift.
  • All you need is a computer with an Internet connection of any kind.
  • You can use it to provide live, online support for your existing customers and website visitors.
  • Perform live onling training sessions for your team.
  • Clean interface. Extremely easy to use! Just click the link and you're in!
  • Rich, quality sound. All you need is a headset and speakers!
  • Text chat for your guests without a microphone!
  • Private text chat conversations on the side of the main presentation!
  • Keyboard commands for visually impaired users!
  • Synchronized web browsing allows you to push web pages for 1000's of viewers to see.
  • Superior white board features!
  • Supports IFRAMES in html web pages.
  • 100% Internet based - no phone line or teleconference needed.
  • Recording feature - archive your meetings and post them on the web! (not included with free rooms)
  • Unlimited monthly usage!
  • Customize the look and feel of your room.
  • Live customer support - just when you need it!

VereConference is simply the hottest VoIP live online conference system around!

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Monday, March 5th 2007

4:58 PM


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Monday, March 5th 2007

9:27 AM

Veretekk........ Try it today free........

Are you looking for a system that will promote your primary business. One that has all the tools and resources that you need. Capable of advertising, tracking, built in lead generator, search engine, autoresponders, blasters, well you have found it right here. We can even train you in SEO, HTML, and you will have a host of free tools that you can use to optimize your business.
Email Address:
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Saturday, March 3rd 2007

6:37 AM

Web Conference Room

Check out the new forum for Web Conference Room...Entry for 03 March 2007
Check out the new forum for Web Conference Room...Entry for 03 March 2007 magnify
Summary: Marketing goods and services through web conference rooms , online projects, mlm businesses is a highly complex and tedious process. Great communications is needed for maximum effectiveness.
Website: http://deesincomebuilder.vereconference.com

The Vereconference live voip rooms are totally customizable with seamless and sophisticated back office features found no where else in online conference software programs. The owners of this wonderful conferencing system Tom Prendergast and Mike Darling have worked untold hours in their pursuit of the perfect online conference meeting room.

Vereconference is a profit portal, along with 22 other success portals. This is the online web conferencing system that is gaining so much notoriety on the internet today. With no exaggerated claims made, Vereconference is the most user friendly and least expensive internet training room that a person can purchase. A three person conference room can be attained by going to Vereconference.com. That room is totally free to use and experiment with for 24 hours. After that time, should one be impressed with the overall performance of the room, they may upgrade.

While most web conferencing facilities are geared to making money, Vereconference, the new web conferencing system owned and operated by Tom Prendergast and Mike Darling of Veretekk fame, is designed for streamlined operation and back office functionality.

Tom says that his primary goal is not to sell Vereconference, but to provide the best online conference rooms at the best prices. His creed rings true as he vows to "over deliver and under charge" for everything he has available on the net.

Signup today for a free trial by going to Vereconference.com and verifying the email sent. Its a very simple signup procedure and one will have the top of the line web conferencing software literally within seconds of submitting the information required. It only takes name, email, phone number and country to become a member of the best webcast meeting room system on the internet today.


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Wednesday, January 31st 2007

10:45 PM


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Wednesday, January 31st 2007

4:13 PM

Vereconference.com Crystal Clear VoIP Conferencing

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SAN DIEGO, CA ( January 31, 2007) - Inetekk.com, Inc. President Mike Darling ( co-founder and chief developer of the Veretekk Automated Marketing System TM ) announced today that along with Thomas Prendergast ( CEO, Inetekk.com ) the creators of Veretekk will be launching their latest invention, Vereconference.com.

"Frustrated for the past 6 years with inadequate third party solutions, to deliver live online conferencing for our Veretekk subscribers, we committed our expertise and resources to deliver our own conferencing system built from the ground up. After years of combing Google for quality solutions, testing everything we found, we discovered a void of true quality enterprise solutions”, stated Thomas Prendergast, CEO of Inetekk.com, Inc..


“What we did find was a huge market in Google looking for the same thing we needed. That being ease of installation and seamless integration, quality sound, low band width accessible, live interaction, a follow me browser that successfully displays iframes with out breaking out, advanced white board integration, recording to the desk top features, desk top notifications of room attendance and alerts, RSS feed syndication of live web casting, the ability to give free rooms away with no commitments, month to month integrated upgrade subscriptions and 24 hour live customer support built right in. All automated and instantly delivered on demand”, added Mike Darling, President of Inetekk.com, Inc.


Enter, Vereconference.com. Developed over the past 3 months, Vereconference will deliver what the Google community has been looking for. On February 01, 2007, you can go to http://vereconference.com and find out yourself, what the industry has been clamoring for. 


Butch Hamilton, Inetekk’s top SEO trainer had this to ad, “I have found Vereconference to be built to the same precision of other Inetekk projects like Veretekk.com, Veretracking.com and Veremail.com. Vereconference’s back office integration is like the smooth ride of a brand new Cadillac. It even has that new car smell and feel of luxury leather interior. I too have been frustrated with the web conference industry and I am telling you, this system is over the top with quality, price and service. Vereconference is even priced well below all the competition, but exceeds all of them combined with the amount of value and proprietary features found nowhere else”.


Mike Darling also added, “In addition to being the state of the art most advanced solution to web conferencing, Vereconference also comes with live 24/7 trainers on call to teach, even the most novice user, how to command the use of Vereconference and all the benefits that represents”.


“Price, value, quality and service, nothing else comes close. Take it on a test drive. There is no cost or obligation to so. We built free right into the equation so you can see for yourself, we stand behind our quality and service 100%. Vereconference represents the total knowledge base and experience Mike Darling and I have acquired over the last 10 years as innovative developers to this market.

Many of the features of the Vereconference web conference interface are: Crystal Clear VoIP Conferencing; Synchronized Web Browsing; Integrated Whiteboard; Presentation Publishing (PowerPoint, OpenDocument); One-Click Web Page Annotation; Presentation Recording (slides, audio, whiteboard, text); Cross Platform (Windows, Mac OS X); Custom Login Page; Brandable user interface: Your Logo and program icon; Massively Scalable (1000's of participants in a single room); Instant text messaging with searchable text log; Multi-Lingual; Firewall & proxy server friendly; Professional control panel with email form letters; Integrated Browser Favorites; Configurable window layout and color scheme; Individual user accounts and passwords; Extensive moderator controls; Text area for those without microphones. And a fully trained staff of trainers available to help you learn the power of Vereconference as well as assist you in your event planning, room design, branding, personal coaching and implementation “, concluded Thomas Prendergast the CEO of Inetekk.com, Inc.


Internet marketing is shifting to Internet communities. By building communities, companies create loyalty with their customers.


BUSINESS WEEK/Harris Poll, 57% of those hopping on to the Net today go to the same sites repeatedly instead of wandering like nomads from one to the next. And of the 89% of Netizens who use E-mail, nearly one-third consider themselves part of an online community. ''We're at the beginning of an explosion,'' says Andrew Busey, chairman and chief technology officer of ichat Inc., an Internet startup in Austin, Tex., that makes software for online chats. ''Community and communications is the next big wave on the Internet.''


Vereconference is ready, are you?

For more information online:
Vereconference.com http://vereconference.com
Veretekk Online
Marketing System http://veretekk.com
Email: e-mail protected from spam bots

Veretekk, Veretracking and Vereconference is a trade mark of Inetekk, Inc. Inetekk is a trademark in the USA and in other countries.

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Sunday, November 12th 2006

12:14 AM


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